Creatorsof thePage

1. Kondakova Irina Vladimirovna. The creator and "head ideologist" of this page. Born and now living in Moscow. Chemister by education, she works at one of the Moscow academic institutes. Fond of Soviet and foreign traditional jazz of 1930-40s, especially of slow foxtrots from Alexander
Tsfasman's repertoire.

2. Sofronov Fedor Mikhailovich. The author of the major part of texts placed within the page. An indigene Muscovite. Educated at the Moscow Conservatory; musicologist, author [and moderator] of the serial program devoted to retro jazz and dance music at "Radio Russia". Collector of gramophone records, member of the Moscow philophonists club.

3. Petukhov Aleksey Valeryevich. Translator of the page' materials into English. Born and living in Moscow. Studying at the final course at the Historical faculty of the Moscow State University. Historian of art, collector of gramophone records and various artifacts of the past.

4. Kondakov Dmitry Feliksovich. Technical coordinator of the works connected with page creating. An indigene Muscovite. Engineer, candidate of technical sciences. Gramophone records collector, member of the Moscow philophonists club.


Adjusting of tape-tracking mechanism of the MEZ-28 tape recorder.Adjusting of reproduction amplifier of the MEZ-28 tape recorder.MEZ-28 tape recorder now in working order.

The creators of the page at work upon translation of the texts into English.

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