Our non-commercial project in existing variant is a homepage with limited possibility for enlargement with new materials. In future we're planning to create a virtual server, absolutely free for every user, with minimum of commercial placed there. This will let us to attract more interested persons to our site, as well as to add some new information to the existing quantity, in particular, the mast popular jazz compositions of the past in RealAudio logo format. But our small financial resources are the main obstacle for us,  so we are looking forward to collaboration with persons , interested in advertising on our page, and on the future server, too.

The funds aquired from the sponsors will be used exclusively to refund the expences for the virtual server's creating, development and support.

Besides the advertising within the pages of our server, we can also offer advertising possibilities of "Radio Russia" broadcasts, devoted to retro jazz and dance music.

Among the future sponsors we see the distributors of CDs with contents similar to the themes of our page, sound-playing technics dealers, organisers of jazz concerts and many others.

We'll be also grateful for help from the mecenats interested with our page.


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