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This page is devoted to Soviet jazz of the 1930s & 1940s: the history of its origin, first steps, development and "golden age" of this remarkable phenomenon in Russia's culture life.

To our regret, one has a reason to say that classical Soviet jazz to-day is unwarrantly forgotten. We, the admirers of 1930-1940s dance music, can rarely meet a person holding the same views, while modern youth has no slightest idea about this original trend of Russian variety music, that enjoyed worldwide recognition and fame for many years. Just these facts both with our predilections impelled us to create the page you see now.

The materials placed here will let you know, what "Soviet jazz" is, how did it appear and develop. You could also read the biodraphies of the 1930-1940s leading jazz performers, together with their discographies, that are mostly compiled by us and presented to public view for the first time.

Our materials are partly based on the works of, the other part presents a result of our own research. All the background drawings within the page are fine examples of industrial and commercial design of the past, slightly reworked for computer use.

To-day you're able to see less than a half of our project: the page will regularly be filled up with new documents. In closest future we're planning to enlarge the number of archive photographs, rare and interesting recordings from our collections in RealAudio logo format. Unfortunately, the resources of a single homepage are too little for the complete realisation of our project, and we are left to hope only on a sponsors' help.

Yours sincerely, the creators of the page
August, 22, 1998.
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